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The Lift is done!!!!!

Come visit our newly renovated building and incredible new lift. From the lift there will be 2 entrances into the building. The bottom will be into the first floor entering the Green Room. This will also give accessible entry to the library.  The second will enter the theatre hall. Changes have also been made to the library, to make room for the accessible washroom. New flooring has been put down in the Green Room, Library and washroom area. As well, a storage area and closet has been set up just outside the washrooms.

The majority of funding for this project has been provided by an Ontario 150 Grant, plus a donation from the Township of Zorra.

A fundraising campaign had been initiated by Thistle Theatre with the hopes of raising $22,000 toward the balance of this project. We have exceeded our goal in just 9 months. Extra will be put toward other hall renovations, to make your theatre experience even more enjoyable.

Thank you to our donors and Zorra Township for their support of our accessibility renovation.